Double Pinch Pots and Animals

Double pinch pots are the perfect project for ceramic beginners. Here is how its done:

1. Start by creating 2 small pinch pots by pinching from the center of a sphere of clay outwards.

2. Place the two pinch pots on top of each other.

3. Smooth together and shape this hallow piece of clay into the shape you want. Leave the air trapped in there for now while the clay sets up.

4. Add to the double pinch pot to create and animal, vase or lidded pot. Be Creative and make sure to slip and score all attachments!

5. Before bisque firing make sure to poke a hole anywhere that there is air trapped or your project will end up like this poor penguin and platypus. The air has to escape somehow.

After the bisque fire my class used low fire glazes for their bright colors.


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