We’re improving, Contour line drawing

For this lesson I asked the art fundamental students to draw a “contour line drawing” of a seashell they picked out of a bin. I didn’t explain what contour line was so I could see what their prior knowledge was. Then we spent a week on learning all about contour line, doing contour line drawings of their hands, feet, backpack, objects, eyes closed, eyes open, upside-down, you name it. For the final lesson students had to bring an object that represent them, hold it in their hand, and complete a semi-continuous contour line drawing of their hand and object. The improvement from the original sea shell drawing was amazing. Check it out:

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First art fundamentals project

So impressed with the results of my first project as an art fundamentals teacher. This one is called “Line Symbol Grid” to create it students picked 3 letters that represented their personality and then took the 1st letters of those 3 words, created a design that incorporated those 3 letters, and had them repeat that design into some sort of continuous pattern. Students learned about line, positive and negative space, symmetry, pattern, how to transfer a design, and I learned about them…not bad for the second week of school!

Creative Minds Welcome

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to share my adventures of student teaching in a high school art classroom and the amazing art that is produced there, if I can find the time to post it haha. I welcome the madness and want to share it with you.

“Learning is an art, and all students are artists.” Denna Welde Peschek