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Autobiographical Still Life

It been awhile since I showed off what the Art Fundamentals students are working on. They have been drawing, drawing, drawing, in order to master shading and observational drawing skills. The final lesson in the unit had students choose objects that represented them to render into a still life. You can see that all their practice leading up to this point paid off.

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We’re improving, Contour line drawing

For this lesson I asked the art fundamental students to draw a “contour line drawing” of a seashell they picked out of a bin. I didn’t explain what contour line was so I could see what their prior knowledge was. Then we spent a week on learning all about contour line, doing contour line drawings of their hands, feet, backpack, objects, eyes closed, eyes open, upside-down, you name it. For the final lesson students had to bring an object that represent them, hold it in their hand, and complete a semi-continuous contour line drawing of their hand and object. The improvement from the original sea shell drawing was amazing. Check it out:

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