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Ceramics room organization

Keeping my ceramics classroom organized is the only thing that keeps me sane some days. With all the tools, glazes, and works waiting for firing there is a lot to fit into a relatively small space. Lucky for me, the class just got a remodel complete with lockable cabinets with cubbies for each student.  Also lucky for me, my master teacher has some amazing ideas for classroom organization, most of wish he built himself. My favorite is the rack he just build to hold mid-fire glazes, oars for stirring glaze, oxides, and tongs all on one rack complete with WHEELS! Everything is on wheels which makes it really easy to move things around if you want more space for demos. Also, the kiln yard is fabulous with shelfs labeled greenware, low fire, and mid fire for all periods so students always know where their work goes and learn about firing stages at the same time. Some other things you may notice is the use of nails to hang things like right angle rulers on the side of a shelf, aprons, or wire tools above the ceramic wheels for easy access when a student is ready to remove their work from the bat. Who knew a few nails in some clever places could solve so many organizational issues? Did I mention my master teach is incredible for coming up with all of these? I’m so thankful I have a mentor who will share these ideas with me.  I’m posting them here not only to share  that great ideas with other teachers but also to help me remember when that day comes where I have my own classroom (fingers-crossed).

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